Project management is the art of making things happen.

IdeogeniQ has extensive experience in managing a diverse spectrum of projects in multinational, cross-functional environments, across a variety of geographies and countries.

IdeogeniQ has succesully completed projects ranging from product launches, through distributor selection and management, to direct sales by establishing & managing legal entities in various European countries

Project History 

Market Research & Market Access

Our company is experienced in analyzing healthcare markets across Europe from a variety of perspectives, including competitive environment, reimbursement structures, customer preferences, clinical behavior, pricing structures, market potential, market threats, et cetera.

Channel Selection & Management

We have developed an in-depth experience regarding the marketing, selling & servicing of medical equipment, disposable products and services, across a multitude of sales channels, including direct sales, distributor sales and OEM sales, in most countries in Europe.

Supply Chain Management

We have implemented medical device supply chain structures across Europe, including general warehousing & distribution operations, value-added logistics, reverse logistics, field repair logistics, supply chain planning, et cetera, providing clients opportunities to achieve cost efficiencies, as well as enhancing supply reliability and customer satisfaction.

Marketing & Sales Management

We have provided marketing and sales management services, including management of direct sales and field service forces, as well as distributors, OEM’s and other sales channels, for devices, disposable as well as repair and maintenance services.

Manufacturer Representation

We work with companies as a manufacturers’ representative in case of new market entry, or when manufacturer’s representation is the most effective channel for a specific market.

HR Management & Recruitment

We support clients to recruit personnel, training of resources, direct management of local resources, but also to facilitate temporary assignments in Europe.

Financial, Customer Support, Service Support Shared Serviced

 and have managed projects to establish and optimize shared service center solutions for customer support, supply chain, finance, repair & maintenance, and various other support operations.

Organizational Planning & Development

We have supported clients creating a presence in Europe through the establishment of a fiscal representation or a legal entity in Europe and the subsequent evolution of business operations across various countries in Europe.

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